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Tram partant de la Place Delille

Tram partant de la Place Delille

I took this photo on the last weekend of my internship in Clermont-Ferrand, France. My idea was to wander around the city center and take pictures of typical aspects of it… One of them is the Tram line A (the title translates to ”Tram departing from Delille Square”) which is the main public transport line North- and Southbound. I originally had the intention to get a really good shot of it, with a long exposure leaving trails of light and with a flash in the right moment to show it in detail at the same time. However, I was limited by a) the fact that I had neither tripod nor a manual flash and b) the fact that at this time of day, Tram only circulate in a 20 minute rhythm, which makes it very annoying if your shots of one Tram didn’t turn out as expected. Since I didn’t want to spend the whole evening at the Tram station, I just took what I could get when a Tram passed by and moved on.

This photo was created a little differently than our normal HDR tonemapping workflow (more on that in a few days!). I only had two exposures of this shot which weren’t blurred, and Photomatix didn’t give satisfying results. I decided to pull both source images into  Photoshop and layer one over the other with Layer Mode ”screen” to add up the light parts of both photos. However, the image looked a bit boring and colorless – the Trams are wine red and somehow, I didn’t get that in the image. So – since I had wanted to try them for quite a while, anyway – I spontaneously downloaded the demo version of Viveza 2 from Nik Software to experiment a little bit. To complete the experiment, I gave the image a final touch of Dfine 2.0. This is not a software review (I’d have to use both tools a bit more to be able to write one), but I can already say that both tools seem to be really powerful and kind of ”fun to use”, as Trey Ratcliff promised (he does have a Viveza 2 review, by the way). Impressive price tags though, especially for my little (and empty) student wallet…

Image EXIF Data:

  • Exposure Time: 25/10 sec
  • Aperture: f/8
  • Focal Length: 6 mm
  • Camera: DMC-FZ5
  • Software: Ver.1.0

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